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burrow tails: the pearl rabbit

the pearl rabbit is an infamous mage mentioned in my first book (borealis orphans). this second book in the burrow tails series will share her story. you also might discover secrets about certain characters you met in my first book, borealis orphans book!
here is a sneak peek:

the wolf howls his pain
bears a brave face and beams
unseen eyes hide from his jaws
consuming every creatures he meets
from ant to tree to birds and bees
they fall for his irresistible charm
he devours them gently
and lets them walk away unharmed

small rabbit unseen
curious young she
a small round moon
the wolf howls to her
his thoughts and stories
she shares his pain
she glows while she listens
longing to be devoured
but nay he never tries

he howls when he is alone
the moon has other wolves
their guardian
but she yearns to be by the one
who never shares his prey
none ever join his pack
and so alone he will stay

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